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Welcome to my legislative website. It is continuously updated so that you can stay informed about my activities as the Representative for the 41st House District.

It is an honor to have this opportunity to serve my community. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have with the district—or with your state government.

I hope that you find this website informative and that you return regularly to see what is happening in our community

Michael Smith 


Legislative Agenda 2016

Georgia is a great place to live but the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. The severity of this issue is demonstrated by the correlation between how well a kid does in school and their parent’s income. With this in mind I decided to focus most of my attention on the economy and education.

This year I will support or introduce legislation that will:

  • Give students more time to learn the material by moving the Georgia Milestones Test to the last few weeks of school.
  • Reduce the burden put on teachers by protecting their planning time and reducing the weight of student’s test scores on their evaluation.
  • Increase the base pay for teacher assistants, which is below the poverty line at about 15,000 per year.
  • Urge the federal government to increase the minimum wage to 10.10 an hour.

I understand that Georgia is doing better, but for a lot of working families they have yet to rebound from our previous recession. Now some adults have lost hope in believing they will achieve the American Dream but they haven’t lost hope for their children.  That’s why most parents commit to living modestly, so they can invest most of their resources into their kids. I believe our state has an obligation to match their commitment by providing their kids with a quality education and taking care of the heroes responsible for educating them.

Committee to Elect Michael Smith
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